Election Candidates

Our 2023 Candidates:

Tony Walton, Scarborough-Guildwood

Former Liberal MP, Mitzie Hunter resigned from her seat in the Scarborough-Guildwood riding,
resulting in a by-election on July 27, 2023. This provided a fantastic opportunity to elect a solid
pro-parental rights candidate. Stop the New Sex Ed agenda had the honour of running a great
candidate, Tony Walton. Tony spent most of his life in Scarborough and is the father of two
sons who have attended Toronto public schools. He’s an active Christian, and a firm defender
of parental rights. Tony was one of twelve candidates in the riding, and came in at 4th place
with 508 votes, beating the Green contender by 362 votes!
The final votes were:
LIB Andrea Hazell 5,640
CPC Gary Crawford 4,562
NDP Thadsha Navaneethan 4,041
STNSEA Tony Walton 508
GR Tara McMahon 146

Stop the New Sex-Ed Agenda congratulates Tony on running a great campaign!

Our 2022 Candidates:

June 7, 2018  Queenie Yu on CityNews: 2018 Ontario Election Panel

CityNews QY Panel

June 3, 2018  ‘You’re probably not going to be voting for us’: Over two dozen fringe parties vie for attention in Ontario election

That’s exactly the aim of Queenie Yu’s Stop the New Sex-Ed Agenda party.

She ran as an independent in the 2016 Scarborough-Rouge River byelection and said her activism pushed then-leader Patrick Brown to clarify his stance on the sex-ed curriculum. She supported Progressive Conservative leadership candidate Tanya Granic Allen in that race, and said Granic Allen’s vocal opposition to the sex-ed curriculum forced all the candidates to take positions on it.

“Our goal isn’t to win a seat at Queen’s Park, but to send a message to those who are at Queen’s Park and to influence them,” Yu said.

Queenie Yu on CBC May 29, 2018 Bill 89: Wynne & Horwath’s Attack on Parental Rights

Dr. Jordan Peterson: “I don’t think the children’s best interest are being put forward by policies such as this. It’s a mistake and we are going to pay for it in a big way because we are moving very rapidly to a point where radical interventions like puberty blocking hormones for example and even surgical interventions are being implemented on young and younger people.”