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June 7, 2018  Queenie Yu on CityNews: 2018 Ontario Election Panel

CityNews QY Panel

June 3, 2018  ‘You’re probably not going to be voting for us’: Over two dozen fringe parties vie for attention in Ontario election

That’s exactly the aim of Queenie Yu’s Stop the New Sex-Ed Agenda party.

She ran as an independent in the 2016 Scarborough-Rouge River byelection and said her activism pushed then-leader Patrick Brown to clarify his stance on the sex-ed curriculum. She supported Progressive Conservative leadership candidate Tanya Granic Allen in that race, and said Granic Allen’s vocal opposition to the sex-ed curriculum forced all the candidates to take positions on it.

“Our goal isn’t to win a seat at Queen’s Park, but to send a message to those who are at Queen’s Park and to influence them,” Yu said.

Queenie Yu on CBC May 29, 2018 Bill 89: Wynne & Horwath’s Attack on Parental Rights

Dr. Jordan Peterson: “I don’t think the children’s best interest are being put forward by policies such as this. It’s a mistake and we are going to pay for it in a big way because we are moving very rapidly to a point where radical interventions like puberty blocking hormones for example and even surgical interventions are being implemented on young and younger people.”